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Used Telecom Equipment Available in Aurora, CO

What do you do with used telecom equipment, in Aurora, CO? As a business owner with excess telecom equipment, you’re faced with a difficult choice. Whether you’re downsizing, liquidating, or simply updating your facility, you’ll still need to decide what to do with those devices.

Don’t throw that equipment away. Instead, reach out to Diversified Telecom Services to find out how you can profit from your outdated or unwanted telecom equipment. We’re a telecom equipment company, providing an extensive array of telecom services.

We specialize in connecting you with other business clients or consumers who want to buy telecom equipment. Earn the return you deserve on your previous telecom equipment investments.



Telecom Equipment Company

We Buy Telecom Equipment

Our experts offer telecom equipment consignment services to help you liquidate your supply quickly and easily. We’ll help you find the right company to buy your used business telephone equipment and turn it into cash. Focus on your operations, and let us handle the rest.


We Assess Your Inventory

When you choose us for consignment, we start by assessing your inventory. This process helps us determine what components you have available and their worth. Our telecom experts use a variety of databases to calculate the accurate market value of your products, so you will always get the highest price for them. Once your inventory is appropriately cataloged, we’ll find a buyer for it and work with you to arrange the shipment.

No matter the brand or model, Diversified Telecom Services will purchase it. Not only that, we coordinate the equipment dismantling, packing, and shipping processes, making it easy to get your old devices out the door.


About Our Telecom Services

Selling old telecom equipment isn’t as simple as auctioning it off to the first bidder. To truly get your money’s worth, you need someone who can help you identify your devices, appraise them, and find a buyer who’s willing to pay the best price.

The Diversified Telecom Services team knows its way around used telecom equipment consignment. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re well-equipped to streamline the selling process. Our services make it easier for business owners like you to get rid of unwanted devices quickly and turn a profit while you’re doing so.


Why Choose Us?

We’re business owners ourselves, so we understand the importance of using your time and resources wisely. Chances are you’re not a telecom equipment reseller – but we are. That’s why we’re ready to step in and handle the work of finding a buyer for your used telecom equipment. This leaves you free to focus on other processes that are essential to your business’s success, instead of trying to coordinate dismantling, packing, and shipping.

Best of all, you’ll receive payment from our team right away. We don’t take a percentage of the profits, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting what your used telecom equipment is worth.



Contact us today to find out how we can connect you with a buyer for your excess telecom equipment. We serve clients throughout the United States.