Telecom Equipment Consignment Made Easy

Used Telecom EquipmentSelling used telecom equipment is not your business, but it is ours.  Whether your company is liquidating, updating, or downsizing, you may find yourself with an excess of equipment that you need to move. Finding the right buyer for your unused equipment and negotiating a fair and attractive price is time-consuming. But with Diversified Telecom Services, LLC, you can spend more time on urgent business while we get to work turning your unneeded equipment into profit. Call us today for a consultation about our telecom equipment consignment services.

Work with an Experienced Telecom Reseller

Selling used phone equipment is what we do. We understand the process and the market as well as anybody. To make sure you’re getting the best price for your inventory, leave the job to us. With our experience and deep familiarity with business telephone systems, we are confident that we’ll get you the most for your resale items. Our service is simple and straightforward. The features of our process that secure the highest payment for your products include:

No Limitation on Brands

While similar companies may deal with only one or two telecom manufacturers, we accept used telecom equipment from many companies. This simplifies the process for you and reduces the number of transactions that your inventory requires.

Inventory Identification

The first step is to get a precise idea of the size of your inventory and to gather all of the relevant specifics. We quickly put together an accurate inventory in order to assess your business telephone system’s value correctly.

telecom reseller

Equipment Valuation

Our telecom experts use multiple databases in order to estimate the real value of your inventory in the always changing secondary market. Our approach ensures that you receive the highest price for your equipment based on current market performance.

Arrangement and Payment of Shipping

Customers in the Colorado Front Range area will receive free pickup and disconnect services. For customers outside this area, we will pay for the equipment to be shipped.

Immediate Payment

When you work with us, you receive the payment in full as soon as we receive your used telecom equipment. We will pay by check or credit card, whichever you prefer. At the same time, we will send you the detailed purchase order stating the negotiated amount of our transaction. We do everything we can to make the process as profitable and convenient for you as possible.

Our company is ready to take your call today. We will get to work immediately on getting you the payment you need for your used equipment. As our customer, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Contact our telecom equipment company today and let us know how we can serve you. From our headquarters in Aurora, Colorado, we proudly serve clients throughout the United States.